Wheatley Group

Aim of the project 

Grease Monkey has been working alongside Wheatley Group, Scotland’s largest housing, care and property management organisation, since 2019. 

Cycling Scotland identified that half of residents living in social housing have nowhere to store their bike and Wheatley Group sought to ensure that people most affected by transport poverty are benefited the most by secure cycle storage. Many would be unable to afford the cost of replacing a bike if it were stolen and the majority of bikes were being stored, with no other option than,  in stairways and hallways creating a fire safety hazard. 

Wheatley Group have undertaken an enormous project to provide secure cycle parking to the majority of their tenants and we are proud to work alongside them for 

We have and still are providing their tenants with secure cycle parking solutions to ensure their bikes are safely stored and giving peace of mind.

Cycling parking, storage and repair opportunities provided to Wheatley tenants have included Veloboxes, bike repair stations and Sheffield stands.