Tackling Transport Poverty One Velobox at a Time

Transport poverty is a very real and increasing issue due to factors including the cost of living crisis and a lack of alternatives to car ownership. According to a study conducted by Bike is Best in January of this year, 47% of people believe there is no alternative to owning a car.

Cost is a major factor, however a lack of safe active travel infrastructure is another, with many potential cyclists being put off. This is where Grease Monkey have already started to make a difference.

We are actively trying to reduce transport poverty by designing, manufacturing, installing, delivering and maintaining secure cycle parking that is accessible for all. The cycle parking includes our Veloboxes (cycle hangars) which we are proud to have installed in areas such as Govan and Maryhill in Glasgow, through clients that recognise the need for accessible and secure cycle parking to some of the most poverty stricken populations in the UK.

Not only are the Veloboxes aesthetically pleasing, but cost effective in relation to competitors. This is often what makes Grease Monkey stand out, as well as keeping our manufacturing process in the UK, reducing our own carbon footprint. It is all part of the big picture to make sure our products and services are all working to the same goals; reducing transport poverty, provide products that are fully recyclable, and are adaptable to cater for cargo bikes and e-bikes; for a future that is cycling friendly with safe routes and infrastructure throughout all towns and cities across the UK.