Social Bite Village Case Study

Social Bite Village is a highly supported community for up to 20 people affected by homelessness. The Village is made up of ‘NestHouses’ as well as a Community Hub, where residents can cook, eat and socialise together.

Grease Monkey were delighted when contacted by Social Bite to provide solutions to their active travel needs.

The Village has a number of e-bikes in use by the residents as part of their support system, however there was nowhere to store and charge the e-bikes safely and securely.

Social Bite had originally been going down the lines of adapting a container, however the size and space required would have been a difficult challenge.

Once they saw our Velobox Electric, it became obvious that due to the size (half a car parking bay) and ability to store, and charge 6 e-bikes in each Velobox that this would be the ideal solution to their problem.

They now have three Velobox Electrics, providing secure cycle storage for 18 e-bikes, that are used daily. The e-bikes are vital in helping the residents get around, for example getting to appointments; so knowing that the e-bikes are safely secured away and charging is peace of mind for everyone.