Newbattle Abbey College

Aim of the Project

Newbattle Abbey College contracted Grease Monkey in May 2023 to provide secure cycle parking for their students on campus. The College had been successful in applying for funding through Cycling Scotland to provide cycle infrastructure, often the biggest constraint to cyclists.

The delivery and installation was one of Grease Monkey’s more complicated with the proposed location being a courtyard beyond one of the historic property’s high walls between two buildings.

The team at Grease Monkey liaised at length with Newbattle Abbey College to ensure that all precautions were undertaken when dealing with such a historic location. 

On the day, the delivery and install of the two Veloboxes involved being boomed over the wall into the courtyard. Once in the courtyard the Grease Monkey team were able to move the Veloboxes into perfect position using skates.