Manufacturing in the UK

One of Grease Monkey’s most important values as a business has been to ensure that our products are manufactured in the UK. This is for a number of reasons;

Being able to support our local economy is significant for Grease Monkey as we are very proud to know everyone on a personal level, who has any part to play in the manufacturing process. This has been beneficial in building close ties and relationships, consequently having a deeper understanding of our business, team, products and values

As well as being able to encourage others to cycle to reduce their carbon footprint, it would be remiss of us as an organisation to not do the same by ensuring our processes and systems are as carbon free as possible. Grease Monkey source all materials and fixings locally, and do not rely on imports. Our steel is mostly recycled Scottish steel, and consequently, logistically our carbon footprint is minimal.

With manufacturing of our products being in close proximity of our head office, we have been able to scrutinise each step of the manufacturing process to ensure waste is minimal, as well as identify where materials can be regenerated and reused. Our products are recyclable, promoting the life cycle of our products and their materials.

Grease Monkey only use materials that are of the highest quality, in part to ensure our products are as sustainable and durable as possible, but also to ensure the working life of the product for our clients. The end user needs to be able to trust that our products work in all weathers, which in the UK can be extreme from one day to the next.

Our products are galvanised to enhance the life cycle of our products to the fullest. A combination of good quality local materials – no plastic – and treating these materials to increase their lifespan ensures our products have the longest durability on the market.

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