Let’s Get to Know the MD – David Wray

Any business owner will tell you that people are at the heart of business, so let’s get to know the Managing Director of Grease Monkey, David Wray.

Why did you start up GMC?

I was enjoying my career in construction consultancy, but have always wanted the challenge that business offers.  Bikes have been a massive part of my life since being a child and in my opinion, are probably the best invention ever.  I also think they are one of our best hopes to reduce climate change and as it’s impossible not to smile when you are riding a bike, they are hugely beneficial to health and well being.  So the business had to be associated.

Who is your inspiration?

My Mum.  She has always inspired me to work hard and be adventurous.

What and where is your favourite restaurant?

This is the most difficult question!  Drift café in North Berwick for their amazing bacon and egg roll, the butchers near our factory for the best steak baguette in the world ever (and its only £3.50) or The Khukuri in Edinburgh for their momo.   I’m equally as happy on top of a mountain with a flask of hot chocolate and a box of mars bar and apple sandwiches – try it!


Cycling, running, golf, skiing, hill walking.  Anything outdoors really!

What do you see in the future of active travel infrastructure in the UK?

With the decisions and commitments national & local governments have already taken to combat climate change, and the achievements that have been made to date; active travel will play an increasingly important role in travel and transport in general.

Once the benefits of increased participation are realised and enjoyed by neighbourhoods in terms of quieter, safer streets, thriving local businesses and the difficulty to measure benefits on wellbeing active travel offers, our country will change for the better.  The correct infrastructure provides viable and attractive alternatives to motorised transport like cars and vans in urban areas.  If its faster to go by bike or deliver by cargo bike, then that is what people will choose to do.  It just needs to be enabled.

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