Let’s get to know Jack Brodie – Maintenance Engineer

What is your role at GMC?

– Who is your inspiration? David Goggins is a massive inspiration for me. His story is one about putting yourself into uncomfortable situations to grow. Nothing is free and you only achieve through hard work and dedication. 

– What and where is your favourite restaurant?

I love sweating out while eating a HOT curry. Karma in Whitburn is a well known Indian restaurant throughout the central belt that I cant recommend enough.

– Hobbies?

I love walking my black lab Zinnia. We have covered hundreds of miles over the past year including Ben Nevis at the start of the summer. My favourite pass time though, is playing my acoustic guitar and singing, recently playing my first live show after years of singing covers on facebook.

– What do you see in the future of active travel infrastructure in the UK?

I hope to see more cars off the road and people getting fitter by using there bikes to commute.