Let’s Get to Know Head of Products and Operations – Alex Kinsley

People are what make a business successful and we are vey lucky at Grease Monkey to have a team who work hard, but also play hard too! We all love outdoor hobbies, especially Alex Kinsley, who we get to meet in the latest ‘Let’s Get To Know…’.

What is your role at GM?

As Head of Products and Operations I overlook and work with everything to do with the design of our products and the logistics of delivery.

Who is your inspiration?

David Weagle is my inspiration as he is the genius behind many of the mountain bike suspension systems we see on many big brand bikes.

What and where is your favourite restaurant?

Lucas in Musselburgh. Great ice cream is all I think I need to say.




Winter mountaineering


Most types of cycling:




Mountain biking

What do you see in the future of active travel infrastructure in the UK?

The first 5 years of my adult life I avoided learning to drive because Edinburgh was just about good enough for a fit cyclist to get everywhere they needed.

Ideally infrastructure and city planning will improve this to the point that everyone can comfortably manage, through walking or cycling, to go most of the week without having to use a car.