Launching the Velobox Electric

The Velobox Electric is the answer to every e-bike owner frustrated with the issue of where to charge and store their e-bike.

Manufactured in the UK, it does not compromise on quality with its durability and sustainability. Made from mostly recycled steel, which is then galvanised and powder coated to make it as durable as possible against the elements. Stainless steel fittings and the marine grade handle ensure the Velobox Electric stands up to the test of time against even the toughest of coastlines. All parts manufactured in the UK.

The materials used are non-combustible and the units themselves are isolated away from inhabited buildings, substantially reducing the risk of fire.

The quality of the Velobox Electric ensures durability, sustainability and longevity, as well as peace of mind with its Sold Secure Diamond rating for security. 

Each Velobox Electric offers 6 charging points and can be adapted to include lighting for those located in areas without adequate street lighting.

Every Velobox is modular and can be added together at the gable ends to provide additional storage in multiples of 6.

Product highlights:

For more information on the Velobox Electric or for any other Grease Monkey product please contact [email protected] or 0131 260 9739.