The London Borough of Hackney

This month has marked a very big month for Grease Monkey with the beginning of the largest roll out of cycle parking across London. 

Working in partnership with Hackney to provide 675 Veloboxes and consequently provide 4000 people the opportunity to securely store their bike on-street within one of our Sold Secure Diamond rated Veloboxes. 

The roll out has been welcomed by locals and the Veloboxes warmly received, making the installations an enjoyable experience for our team.

More information on the roll out with Hackney can be found here.

Our Veloboxes have the highest possible security on the market with a Sold Secure Diamond rating. We are also very proud to say that our products are manufactured in the UK using fully recyclable responsibly sourced steel.

Our ethos is to design, manufacture and deliver products that are as sustainable as possible, with no compromise on quality; and our manufacturing processes reflect this creating a circular economy. 

After all, that is what our end client, the cyclist, is looking to do.

For more information on any of our products please contact Grease Monkey at [email protected].