Grease Monkey Maximising Efficiencies with Own Assembly Line

Within the last month, Grease Monkey has set up our very own production assembly line in order to maximise efficiencies. Located within our Hatfield base and carefully managed by our experienced team, we have increased production of the successful Velobox.

The Velobox, Grease Monkey’s Sold Secure bike storage solution, is currently being rolled out in various locations right across the UK, from London to Aberdeenshire.

Assembly line located at Grease Monkey's Hatfield base

Keeping Grease Monkey’s core values at heart; sustainability and no compromise on quality, the assembly line ensures that all of our UK manufactured parts are of the highest quality. This is to increase the lifespan, durability and sustainability when our Veloboxes are faced with adverse weather.

Capacity alongside the assembly line

Grease Monkey has always approached production with the incorporation of a dual string resilience strategy. This is to make sure that should any issue arise within one of our UK manufacturers, the alternative is able to carry on with production.

Having our own assembly line provides Grease Monkey with even greater peace of mind and control over production capacity, and fulfilling our clients cycle parking requirements.

The assembly line also acts as a contributor to our social value and environmental goals by reducing our own carbon emissions by being able to minimise the need for large haulage vehicles.

Grease Monkey champions circular economy with the use of recycled materials being used in our parts, as well as our own products being recyclable. Adopting our own assembly line works towards a circular economy by increasing the reduction of waste and prolonging the lifespan of our products.

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