Empty Kitchens Full Hearts

Aim of the project 

Bike repair station Gen 1.5 and Velobox

Empty Kitchens Full Hearts contacted Grease Monkey in March 2023 with three aims; to encourage their volunteers to cycle more to and from work, and to find a solution for storing bikes for their volunteers with repair function,whilst they were volunteering. At the time, their storage was a case of trying to find railings dotted around the premises and leaving cycles all over the place.

Empty Kitchens Full Hearts is an organisation set up by chefs who take surplus food and produce healthy meals to people who need them free of charge. Since 2020 they have provided 1.7 million meals, and are dependent on volunteers to assist with the preparation and delivery of ‘Day Packs’ which includes a day’s worth of nourishing meals.

Grease Monkey jumped at the chance to help with finding solutions to their cycling issues and we were able to assist with finding the right storage solution using our Velobox housing 6 bikes. It quickly became apparent that a repair station would be very beneficial on site after speaking with them.